Ashley Heilprin

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Cory Vidal

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Royce Duplessis
Royce Duplessis

Immediate Past President
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Camille Bryant

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April Davenport
April Davenport

Vice-President of External Communications
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Kimberly Silas

Vice-President of Internal Communications
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William Snowden

Vice-President of Membership
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“What have I to gain in fighting this battle?  Like you, I have asked myself this question a thousand times… Certainly, I gain nothing, but rather spend time, labor and money in it.  There is no doubt, that if I turned my attention to, or put my energies in, professional or some private pursuits, I would get along much better in this world.  Yes, why do I do this?  I want no political influence, no prestige, no office.  Why do I do this?  Like you, I believe I do it because I am built this way.”

– Louis Andre’ Martinet